The Queen is not in residence

She’s still on vacation, so why shouldn’t we be? We stopped by Buck House this morning to pay our respects, and got to see the lovely State Rooms. 

No photos, please, but loads of people oohing and ahhing over the luxury and tastiness of it all. What a pretty place, actually done to a (semi) human scale. Would love to be invited for dinner, but we were just happy to have a little tea party all our own in the café in Her Majesty’s garden. The gardens behind the lawns were just lovely, after one navigates the gift shop. The queen is heavily merchandised!

This was a day for visiting friends so we had a wonderful lunch with a former work buddy, who made me feel excited all over again about our industry.  And now it’s off to Highgate again to visit some dear friends who just make us feel comfortable.

London is already treating us very nicely!

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