It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Yes, it’s been forever since GoKnow had a new entry. And while so much has happened in this year, in a way, it’s just been like one long day. We are alternating between “Sheltering in Place,” “Lockdown,” having some restaurant access, pretending life is the same – just with masks – and being fearful of what comes next.Continue reading “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”

A nice place to visit

We made a return visit to Hampton Court today, the royal palace built 500 years ago for Cardinal  Wolsey, a favorite of Henry VIII. But when he fell out of favor,the cardinal gave the palace to the King to try to soften his disgrace, and luckily died of natural causes before the king could convict him of treason. Henry greatly enlarged his new gift and thoroughly enjoyed it, as did many of his successors.

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A little bit of London

In the three months since we’ve returned from our epic trip this year, it’s not as though New York hasn’t been exciting, so maybe I have no excuse for not posting. But being at home comes with its own set of seemingly mundane chores, sights and events, and it’s hard to see them through someone else’s eyes. Who knows? A routine trip to the doctor at one of our world-class hospitals might have been fascinating if you yourself don’t get out much.Continue reading “A little bit of London”

More oh-so-French gardens

Paris, France. (Don here) Continuing my pursuit of Paris public gardens during the peak flowering season, I spent the afternoon strolling around the Jardin du Luxembourg. First laid out in the early 17th century to accompany the new Luxembourg Palace (now the home of the French Senate), the garden was opened to the public after the Revolution.Continue reading “More oh-so-French gardens”