Spring has sprung in Dorset

Sherborne, Dorset. What could be more exciting on a spring Bank Holiday than a county fair? We were lucky enough to be visiting our friends Sarah and Peter in the lovely village of Trent for several days. And we were extra lucky that our first day took us directly to the Sherborne Fair. Continue reading

Not just for children

Burwash, East Sussex, England. Of course, as a young reader, I knew of Rudyard Kipling, though I always thought of him as a boys’ writer and never did pay much attention to his works for children.

But that didn’t prevent me from being very interested in his home in East Sussex, Bateman’s. We often heard his name in India, as he was born in Bombay, and wrote so much about the country. His father, Lockwood Kipling, was an English art teacher, illustrator, and museum curator who spent most of his career in British India. Continue reading