Our literary neighborhood

London, England. This was an unusual day for us, as it did not involve a stately home or a trip outside the city. Instead, In the morning, I spent some time at our favorite podiatrist’s office, learning why I have felt like I was walking on rocks. (Don had a foot issue when we returned from Italy a few years ago, and the same doctor cured him.) In my case, he removed the rock that actually was embedded in my foot, though he called it a pebble. A nuance of language, I guess. Continue reading “Our literary neighborhood”

Tiptoeing through the tulips…

Amsterdam, Holland. The morning started out sunny, so we commenced to execute our long-planned visit to the Keukenhof,¬†also known as the Garden of Europe. It is one of the world’s largest flower gardens, and approximately 7 million flower bulbs are planted annually in the park, which covers an area of 80 acres.Continue reading “Tiptoeing through the tulips…”

If it’s Tuesday, this must be Holland

Amsterdam, Holland. Actually, it’s really Wednesday here, because we spent most of Tuesday flying from Nepal to Dubai. Our flight came into Kathmandu late, and then left late, leaving us approximately three minutes to make our connection to Amsterdam. No surprise – that didn’t happen.

Emirates did all they could, but we ended up sitting in a lounge with everyone else trying to get to points all over the world.

Some could make other flights quickly in that enormous airport, and then 25 of us or so presented more difficulties. The desk staff said they wanted to feed us and took a headcount for veg or non-veg meals. What a surprise to see McDonald’s bags show up!

That chicken Big Mac was pretty tasty. Guess we Americans have made our mark -the Emirates staff was treating themselves to the same meals.Continue reading “If it’s Tuesday, this must be Holland”