India on my mind

New York, New York. It’s been a somewhat strange week getting reacquainted with our home and our town. It feels great, though somewhat disorienting. I keep waking up thinking about where we are going today, and keep being relieved when I remember that there’s no packing to be done for the next leg of the trip. Continue reading

More oh-so-French gardens

Paris, France. (Don here) Continuing my pursuit of Paris public gardens during the peak flowering season, I spent the afternoon strolling around the Jardin du Luxembourg. First laid out in the early 17th century to accompany the new Luxembourg Palace (now the home of the French Senate), the garden was opened to the public after the Revolution. Continue reading

The return of the royals

Paris, France. In the olden days, if you were born a king or a queen, you lived a very good life, you died and they gave you a big send-off and a proper burial. And then you rested in peace. In France, that likely took place in the Basilica of Saint Denis. He was a Christian martyr, beheaded, yet he supposedly walked around for a while till he dropped, ostensibly at the site of the church we see today. Continue reading