Treasures and terrors of the past

Budapest, Hungary Today’s travels spanned the spectrum of things that this city can be proud of and things many wish had never happened. Starting with the glories of Budapest, near the top of the list has to be the newly restored State Opera House, which Don attended last night. He showed off its wonders toContinue reading “Treasures and terrors of the past”

Hooray! They’re gone!!

Memento Park, outside Budapest, Hungary Yes, you can just feel the exuberance of the Hungarian people as the hated Communist regime collapsed in 1989. One of the most visible signs of their occupation was the vast array of Socialist Realist “art” used to reinforce their propaganda, left behind. It’s hard to drag a 20-ton statueContinue reading “Hooray! They’re gone!!”

Bowed but not broken

Krakow, Poland We are now experiencing a real change of pace and place. After our idyllic stay in Cornwall, we took the train back to London’s Paddington Station, where we immediately boarded the Heathrow Express and found our way to an airport hotel where we got ready for our early morning flight to Krakow.