Merci beaucoup pour tout

How do you say goodbye to a country that now feels like a close friend? I guess the French know best, by saying ‘au revoir’ and not ‘adieu.’ We have loved (almost) every moment of our time here –  if you take away the parking situations. That aside, we have learned how to cope, have eaten all too well, and drunk nectar of the gods and the vines most days.

The weather we experienced was spectacular, and the people were genuinely pleasant and helpful, with very few exceptions.

We were able to avoid most crowds – also known as other tourists – in most places, most of the time. This was thanks to Don’s brilliant planning and good use of our energy. We saw gorgeous natural scenery and astonishingly beautiful man-made art.

Best of all, we felt at home in another land and another culture, which was our goal.

France will always be special, but it will never be strange to us again. To all the people from ancient times to today who have made this place so interesting, so delicious and so lovely, we thank you for everything.

P.S. Leaving France does not actually mean that we are headed directly back to New York. We are now going to the UK and will have some English, Welsh and Scottish adventures in the coming month. Cheddar cheese, here we come!

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    1. What do you think? Italy next year? (Thanks for joining us in France.) And stay tuned for the next month in the UK. We are now comfortably settled in London!

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