Just a grand day

Let’s roll back the clock to our Grand Hotel experiences of yesterday for a minute. It was a gorgeous late afternoon and we spent it exploring the grounds and having a drink in the Wine Bar.

We had a good look around and the pleasure of a lovely dusk.

Today was bright and sunny, but oh, so cold!  I wished I had those Michigan mittens with me, instead of in our car on the mainland. Nevertheless, we walked to town and saw all the charm that the island oozes. The flowers are spectacular now, and we hear that this was an exceptional year for them.  The weather does have some pluses.

This is definitely the end of the season, but the place is quite crowded. There are all the lovely historic buildings and homes to admire. And, of course, horse-drawn everything.

And then there is commerce – and most of that is centered around fudge! Okay, we succumbed, daggone it, and walked around with caramel-sea-salt-fudge breath all afternoon. When in Rome, do what the tourists do.

We did take a carriage tour around the island, and saw a lovely limestone arch along the shore, but it was so cold that we hopped out early and walked briskly back to the hotel to warm up with afternoon tea.  That and the sherry did the trick!

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