More splendors of Michigan

What a great state for resorts and all the joys that come with lovely lakes and wonderful (summer) weather. We left lovely Mackinac Island this morning after an elegant breakfast in the Grand Hotel.

They have the logistics on the Island down to a very slick science.  You leave your luggage outside the door of your room two hours before the ferry time you intend to make.  Have your breakfast, then leave by Grand Hotel carriage down to the ferry dock. There, your luggage has been carefully directed to the proper ship and you have only to board the boat.

Twenty minutes later, you disembark, and find the car valeted right up to the luggage claim area, where your suitcases are waiting. Very very efficient, but I guess if you’ve been doing it for 100 years, you get quite good at it.

We had only one mission today, and that was to spend a long and leisurely lunch in the town of Petoskey, visiting a very dear friend whom we haven’t seen for over 20 years.  But you know how some friendships go – it was as though we had just stopped talking about five minutes ago.

Petoskey is another resort community that had a long and lovely history of great summer tourism, and that has basically kept its center intact. It oozes charm and is full of lovely shops that cater to the carriage trade. However, it did have 181 inches of snow this past winter, so even so pretty a town would give you pause if you were considering full-time residency.

We had a great visit and moved on to Traverse City during a much warmer day than yesterday.  No gloves needed!


2 thoughts on “More splendors of Michigan

  1. You realize, of course, that my sister has single-handedly supported the stores there through good times and bad! I love that you’re seeing Petoskey in the sunshine. It’s truly lovely.

  2. Well, bless her soul and her wallet. Wendy says those stores are in constant flux, so maybe you need to get out there and help them make it through the winter!

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