Wonders of Michigan

We began our day with a lovely sunrise over what we now know is the Little Bay de Noc, which opens into Green Bay. Truly a gorgeous morning. Before leaving Gladstone, we had to check out one local site which caught our attention.

That was the Hoegh Pet Casket Company, which specializes in pet death issues.  Whether it’s burial or cremation you have in mind, Hoegh will attend to your needs with dignity and sympathy. We couldn’t have the factory tour as advertised, because “the guys are out collecting some animals,” but we did get a full tour of the showroom and a description of the many ways we could have our pets memorialized. Locket of cremated remains? No problem.

They were lovely people and were the only folks we have ever met who know about the Coon Dog Cemetery we visited in Alabama last fall. (Remember?) Full marks for that. Then it was on to the Seul Choix Lighthouse, a still-active lighthouse, now automated, but with its past keeper home set up as a museum.  We toured the house and then climbed to the top, for a good view of Lake Michigan. And since people have spent years trying to explain the geography of Michigan to me with little success, we bought the mittens for further study.

And then it was on to the main event of the day.  We drove to St. Ignace and boarded a ferry for the trip to our destination for two days – Mackinac Island.  And because it has taken us our whole lives to get here, we decided to splurge on the Grand Hotel.  You can see it looming from the ferry, which pulls up to a charming harbor.

The hotel is amazing and we are just about to explore its wonders.  But first, admire our incredible suite.  They put us in the  “Lodge of Teddy Roosevelt”, not even knowing that we are big fans.  We have been to his birthplace and home in New York City, after all.  It seems he must have donated a few extra animals he shot to this place, so here’s hoping they don’t keep us up tonight. But having seen that great bed, I rather doubt they will. Need some fresh air? We do have a sweet little porch. I think we will be extremely happy here.


4 thoughts on “Wonders of Michigan

    1. What! Do you want people to think we are tourists?? We have heard about “fudgies” and will try hard to be cooler than that – but will sneak some back to the room. Just walked around the hotel and the grounds and came back up to the room to wipe the drool from our chins….

  1. I’ve been watching the PBS series on the Roosevelts. I’m totally up to date on Teddy now. He was quite a character.

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