The Lords of the Rings

The giant redwoods were the undisputed stars of the show today, but there were several other highlights as we worked our way up the coastline.

North of Eureka, we visited Patrick’s Point State Park.  The point is a lovely promontory that was occupied by three whale watchers when we arrived.  T’is the season, and we actually got to see a whale – or at least part of him.  One of the watchers was nice enough to take our picture, with our backs to Wedding Rock, which is actually a popular spot for those events. This must have been part of Don’s brilliant master plan, as today – speaking of rings and weddings – is our 30th anniversary.  How does he manage these things???

There are several major groves of redwoods one could visit, but we stopped at Redwood National Park, and walked through Lady Bird Johnson Grove.  She helped save this area, and we thank her for that.  Can you see how glorious these trees are?

We stopped at another promontory on our way.  They were fresh out of whales, but the view was worth a visit. And by the way, they are really serious about this tsunami stuff, as the earthquake in Japan had quite an impact here.  Gulp.  Makes you think.

We also saw the cornball stuff that goes with the trees, but are very grateful not to have missed Paul Bunyon and Babe, the Blue Ox.  Impressive, eh?

We had lunch in Crescent City, which was where we bade farewell to California, After almost three weeks there, we have now moved on to Oregon, and are spending the night , right on the ocean, in the town of Brookings.

Okay, first impressions of Oregon, as I know someone who cares about this issue is reading. First of all, it is very sunny and warm in Oregon.  The King salmon is delicious, the whales frolic all the time, and the Oregon-berry flavored salt water taffy is excellent.  We spent the afternoon at the pool, and are getting ready for a second stroll on the beach to watch the sunset.  Feel those ocean waves?

We assume it is like this every day. Not bad!


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