Big trees yes, Big Foot no

Another gorgeous day on the North Coast.  We traveled up from Fort Bragg into the sunlight, and understand this run of beautiful sunny days to be somewhat unusual.  We’ll take it!

The object of our affections today was the Avenue of the Giants, a road that meanders through Humboldt Redwood State Park and is the appetizer course for the Redwood National Forest tomorrow.  It also happens to be the place where Big Foot has been sighted several times.  He must have been at the beach today, because we completely missed him.  But we did see his habitat, which was thrilling.  As John Muir said in so many words, “Man never built a more lovely cathedral.”

We also traveled through some interesting small towns – all naturally founded on the lumber economy, which is still thriving, despite a lively population of active tree-huggers. We know what those conflicts are like….

A great combination of old West and carefully tended Victoriana, here are some views of Scotia, Ferndale, Eureka and Arcata. Scotia is the very active lumber town where dead trees abound.  The rest show what nice things can be made from trees.



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