The rewards of travel

They come in many packages.  Some rewards are about beauty or nature or unexpected views of humanity with a different accent.  And sometimes, it’s just about sheer indulgence.

You got a hint of where this was headed yesterday when we discovered the pool at the Desert Pearl in Zion.  Well, today we arrived at Mecca – the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas, sister to the lovely Venetian, which we sampled on last fall’s trip.

We started the day with a fond goodbye to the lovely view from our porch.  And then we hit the road, only to find a little truck just like our masthead artwork.  Don snapped this as we were doing 75 mph on the road to Nevada.

You won’t be hearing much from us till Wednesday when we arrive in Death Valley, which we may not have time to absorb till Thursday.  Don’t hate us too much, but do get a gander at what our living conditions will be like for the next two nights!


We know you wish us all the best.  Thanks for that, friends.

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