There really is a Zabriskie Point

Yep, right in the heart of Death Valley.  We stopped on our way in this afternoon from Las Vegas, and were really smacked by the heat.  It was very cool in Vegas today, but not here – and this is only April.  In the summer, it seems one is constantly reminded that they don’t call it Death Valley for nothing.

At any rate, admire the view from Zabriskie Point.  You fans of  Michelangelo Antonioni will be stirred and envious. Tomorrow, we will explore more.  But we were just wondering how many of you out there also remember “Death Valley Days,” that thrilling Western series narrated by one of our recent presidents.  The sponsor, 20-Mule-Team Borax, is vivid in our memories!

Wait for a complete tutorial on Borax, mining and wagon trains, coming soon. We are staying at Furnace Creek Ranch, so no more remote control for the drapes.  Sigh.  But it has its own charms, and is quite an operation in the middle of the desert.  Don had to collapse, but revived at the promise of an ice cream cone from the gi-normous General Store.  On the way there, we saw several artifacts of the mule team days, preserved here at the museum, which we’ll explore more tomorrow. And who knows, maybe I’ll drop into on the HR office, just to see if they need an agency.

One thought on “There really is a Zabriskie Point

  1. Did you know that Borax can cure the Curse of the Front-Load Washer? Yup. Using Borax can get rid of that “I’m washing my clothes in a sewer” smell. Oh, and by the way, where you’re at is the direct antithesis of Seattle.

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