Easter in the Land of Zion

What a glorious Sunday it is in southern Utah!  We drove from the cold mountains of Bryce Canyon to a hot day in crowded Zion National Park. But before we even got there, we happened upon a herd of buffalo.  You know how that works – you are driving along, minding your own business, and there to the left is a herd of buffalo.  That was worth a stop.

So on to Zion.  This is an extremely popular park, given its proximity to California and the diversity of its natural features and activities. The vistas changed constantly.  When we first entered and saw Checkerboard Mesa, we were surrounded by strangely rounded giants, who appeared to flaunt a sense of fecundity with their immensity – like huge fertility goddesses.

When one reaches the Visitors’ Center, it is time to find a parking place and take the convenient shuttles that allow this park to deal with its popularity by controlling the access to its most popular sights.

Via the shuttle we saw such wonders as the Weeping Wall, the Hanging Gardens, some wildlife, the Emerald Lake, the Angels’ Landing and the path along the Virgin River.  We were constantly surrounded by incredible rock formations and constantly changing variations of flora and fauna.

It is truly a magnificent park.  And I assure you that when we went to our hotel to check in after lunch, we had every intention of just changing to cooler clothes and heading back to the rim. But then we saw the magnificent human-made pool there.  We looked at each other guiltily, and headed right out there for the rest of the afternoon.  Those of you who have always wanted to tour this park will be disgusted with us.  (And she who accuses me of spinning the harsh realities of this trip will welcome this candor.) But look at our lovely room, right on the river and under the cliffs!

I tell you, it was a wonderful afternoon, the perfect ending to Easter in Zion.

2 thoughts on “Easter in the Land of Zion

  1. Fear not. No condemnation from me. You all deserve a relaxing afternoon off from red rock and buffalo herds.

    1. Thank you, Gail! I am glad someone appreciates just how extremely hard we are working. Why, just now I had to go up the step from our sunken living room to get the remote for the draperies here at the Palazzo. That sun was hurting Don’s eyes as he stretched out on the 8′ couch and I had to partially close the curtains. That was strenuous! I knew you would understand.

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