Hold on to your hats

New York. It’s certainly been a while since I worked on this site. The pandemic months seem like a long endless rerun of the same day, just with temperature fluctuations. But GoKnow looks different because the wise heads of WordPress determined that my previous platform should be retired. No, we are not amused. What you see here was the best of my options, I’m afraid. I hate tech ‘improvements.’

The virus hasn’t left us, but governments seem eager to push forward, so we are finally about to travel. We had plans to leave for Morocco on February 6, but the King didn’t open the border for air traffic until the following day. Seemed like we would just make it, as we wouldn’t have landed till the 7th, but the airline cancelled our flight, out of caution, I guess.

Getting to Morocco on a similar deal and a non-stop flight was suddenly impossible. Guess we weren’t the only ones thinking about Casablanca.

So we will leap ahead to the planned second part of our itinerary, England. I know no one will be weeping crocodile tears for poor us. We’re going to be spending almost a month in a country we love, seeing friends we have sorely missed, and touring places old and new to us. Who needs Morocco? (On Don’s recent birthday, I took him to a Moroccan restaurant in the far-away East Village. so we can say we traveled a bit to sample the cuisine.)

Where are we going from England? Perhaps I’ll just let that be a surprise, but rest assured Don has been in seventh heaven, plotting flights, trains, hotels and apartments. Everything is buttoned up on that front. Now, all we have to do is pack. Who remembers how that works? I barely remember how to create a post!

If all goes well, see you in this spot, starting March 5 – or so.



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