It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Yes, it’s been forever since GoKnow had a new entry. And while so much has happened in this year, in a way, it’s just been like one long day. We are alternating between “Sheltering in Place,” “Lockdown,” having some restaurant access, pretending life is the same – just with masks – and being fearful of what comes next.

So now we have a vaccine. As its distribution starts rolling out, lots of questions still remain. Plus, here in the U.S., we are trying to get past the worst election in history and the unpleasantness which is following.

That’s all prelude to today, and why it seems so special.

New York has had had a foot of snow dumped on us overnight, and it makes us feel like our world has had a much-needed bath. We went to bed with a nice healthy covering of pure white stuff and woke up to an abundance everywhere. It’s been a long time since we were treated to such magnificence.

Even the schools are urging students to step away from Zoom and go make snowballs. Nice.

We also had a lovely fall, though one filled with new and strange things. Restaurants built little outdoor enclosures, which were typically situated between bike lanes and car lanes, making life interesting for the servers. Spirits were fairly high, and a nice day brought out the crowds, just like before.

Here’s more of a tour of our neighborhood, taken on the same nice autumn day.

Enough said about 2020, so that’s all for now, folks. I promise not to let another year go by before posting again, if you promise to have a safe and happy winter. Onward to 2021 and a better year for all! 

P.S. Naturally, they have “improved” the editing process on WordPress since I last posted. Bear with me as I sort out all the changes.



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