India on my mind

New York, New York. It’s been a somewhat strange week getting reacquainted with our home and our town. It feels great, though somewhat disorienting. I keep waking up thinking about where we are going today, and keep being relieved when I remember that there’s no packing to be done for the next leg of the trip.

In a bit of coincidence, treasures from India were waiting for us here. No, not just the boxes we shipped home with our own personal treasures, though – for us – they are wonderful. Shiva and Parvati are now standing guard, protecting us and our home in a most lovely way.

On a far grander scale, Christie’s had an exhibit this past weekend of an incredible auction of amazing pieces from Indian royalty, which have somehow made their way to the auction block.

Accompanying Sunita and Jay, our trusty guides to all things Indian, I saw some of the most spectacular jewelry, paintings and other things ornamental that showed the riches of the subcontinent, but, most importantly, the artistry and craftsmanship that made them come to life.

I don’t need the multi-million dollar diamond necklaces and rings, or the emerald pins, but I did crave some of the paintings.

The auction is today, and here is the story – with far superior views – of the collection:

Can’t wait to see how successful it will be. All in all, it must have been very pleasant to have been born a Maharajah once upon a time.


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