The Scots said it well

Paris, France. How to describe the last day of our five-month adventure? This Scots phrase reassures us that no matter how far we may roam or how exotic our travel itinerary, the return home – hame – is our ultimate reward.

However, since my wonderful husband hasn’t a drop of Scottish blood, this thought doesn’t resonate in a similar way for him. In fact, I’ll have to watch him closely at the airport to make sure we are boarding the same flight. He wanted to keep going and head off to Morocco, but he has kindly allowed that we can visit New York for a while. Bless him.

Don is an incredible trip planner, as our fascinating three months in India and two other months in various places will attest – so I have good reason to believe that he is hard at work on our next voyage of discovery. It has been a fabulous adventure, and we were happy to have been able to share it with you. Your comments and emails were eagerly read and enjoyed, so thanks for taking the time.

One final comment (from me) about all the cuisines we have tasted – with various levels of enjoyment…

“What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child?” Lin Yutang

I have found I am extremely patriotic. In other words, it will be a treat to return to familiar menus, as we get reacquainted with all that our home in New York has to offer.

We won’t get too comfortable, but just a little.

P.S. I’m afraid our own residence might not quite match the oh-so-nice room we have had in Paris at Le Grand, home of Cafe de la Paix, and next to the old Opera Garnier (where the Phantom could be found.) So much for luxury travel on points and miles…for a while.


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  1. It was great traveling with you both. Sadly, my morning routine won’t be as exciting until your next voyage. Don, start cracking. New York awaits…

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