Back in lovely, lovely London

London, England. (Do I really have to put in a map?) Yes, we have finally arrived at our home for the month of May, an apartment near Borough Market, just south of the Thames, in an area that’s new to us and looks worthy of exploration. We left Amsterdam at 8:15 this morning and arrived about five hours later, having changed trains in Brussels. Nothing like passing through four countries before lunch. (Don’t forget France.)

A few tube stops away, and we were at our new home. Just getting to empty out our poor overworked suitcases and doing a load of laundry was blissful! We are looking forward to great English adventures.

4 thoughts on “Back in lovely, lovely London

  1. Apartment kitchen looks just like 10b. Glad you’re safely in London, not map needed

  2. Our next load of laundry is in the dryer, and we are in heaven. Clean clothes on demand – hooray!!!

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