Monday, Monday

Yes, I know that somewhere out there someone had a terrible commute today (except in the US where it’s a holiday) and also it’s raining and then there’s a full day of work ahead, followed by four more days before the weekend.

I couldn’t help feeling sorry for that person as I contemplated the Monday we were facing.

Our commute this morning was by water shuttle to a nearby beach, where we spent most of the day. Agonizing decisions had to constantly be made about whether to chose blue chairs or beige chairs, at what angle to position our chairs, which side of the body should be worshiping the sun at what time, how much sunscreen to apply and where — the day was filled with those kinds of executive challenges.

Somehow we managed. But eventually, exhausted from our labors, we folded our tents and went down to the harbor to catch the boat home for lunch, waving farewell to our fellow laborers on the beach.

The sun. The wind. The sea. The sparkling white buildings. The colorful chairs and awnings and shutters. They have a hypnotic effect which must surely be good for the blood pressure.

Even on a Monday.

Don’s Food Corner

When we got back from the beach, we walked a bit outside of the harbor to a restaurant perched directly on a cliff overlooking the strait between Hydra and the mainland. It was an upscale view at an upscale restaurant. Later we found out that this restaurant — called Omilos — has been a celeb hangout since the 1950’s. We didn’t see any celebs today, but they might still be in London after the wedding.

We started by sharing a Greek salad, but here there were a few interesting twists. The pieces of bread that sometimes comes in these salads, but more customarily in a Cretan salad, were pulverized into bread crumbs. When these artfully mounded bread crumbs are tossed in the salad they provided an interesting texture to the dressing. The dressing, of course, was olive oil only. Then, instead of slices of peeled (or sometimes unpeeled) cucumbers, ribbons of cucumber were piled on top. Instead of capers strewn about, there were whole caper berries nestled within the tomatoes and onions. And for the first time, we found zucchini included. They made this traditional dish into something a little more elegant and contemporary.

I had grilled octopus, of course. Judging by the charred look of the octopus, it must have been grilled at a very high temperature. The two large tentacles were on top of a puree of fava beans. We once made a fava bean dish at home and now, knowing how time-consuming it is to prepare them, I always order it whenever I see it on a restaurant menu.

Jo went for a risotto with chorizo and asparagus, which also was sprinkled with tiny pieces of cauliflower. The risotto seemed incredibly rich; I suspect they included some dairy product — cheese or cream — into preparation.

A delightful lunch on a dazzlingly beautiful day overlooking a breathtaking view.


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