A proud day in London

What a great day we had. This beautiful sparkling day was the date of the Pride in London parade, and it seemed like the whole city and all its tourists came out to celebrate.

We started the day doing important things like taking Don to a foot doctor, one who spoke English. No, it’s not a fracture, but plantar fasciitis, which at least can be treated.

And then there was the ongoing search for a very particular type of purse as a graduation presentation for one of our nieces. We looked all over Italy to no avail. But there it was, in Liberty’s! It just seemed to tick all the boxes. We had never heard of the designer, but when we had wrapped up the deal – shipping and all – we learned he is American. I guess it’s funny.

Then to the streets! The parade started at 1:00, but the party spirit was alive long before. We even ran into a group proudly wearing the GSK signs of support. How far we have come – guess the LGBT community now has corporate sponsors. Love was definitely in the air.

Don’s Food Corner

We made a beeline for London’s large Chinatown for a big Chinese meal. The one time we tried a Chinese restaurant in Italy was a bizarre experience — food we didn’t recognize from any Chinese meal we had ever had before in any country, including Hong Kong.

Today was a welcome change of pace. A little dim sum, some wonton soup, a noodle dish and a beef dish. Just what we expected — and wanted.


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