Feels almost like home

We flew from Milan to London today, along with a horde (I believe that is the proper collective noun) of British youth returning from their Italian holiday. My heart sunk as they piled in front of us on the plane, but – as I told one of their keepers later – they were surprisingly well-behaved during our two-hour delay for a two hour flight. And then there was the long line through passport control, but finally we arrived in London!!

We are staying at our favorite hotel, right next to Wellington’s home on Park Lane – a sentimental favorite since we honeymooned here in 1984. It has changed a bit, but so have we, and we’re all still here. Some battles are new in the world, and a certain number will be lost, as a major one was yesterday, but I guess we should rely on history to convince us that we should just continue to soldier on, as did Wellington.

So happy to be here and are looking forward to seeing some wonderful mature friends, with nice mature cheddar on the side, and no comments from a very tired Don.


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  1. You have great front-page timing these days: Christo and Brexit in the same week! Next thing we know you’ll be reporting from Cleveland!

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