A passion for fashion

On a rainy December afternoon, there is no finer treat than a visit to the Metropolitan Museum – a mere bus stop away across the park. Joining the crowds of tourists and school children and art lovers, I walked across the new plaza, courtesy of one of those great de Medicis of our day, David Koch. (Evidently the previous fountains did not present a sufficiently pleasing view from his Fifth Avenue perch.)

What to see? Everything in the world is represented here, so it is only of a matter of choosing a subject or two.

I started with the fabulous Egyptian galleries, which are breathtaking. How sophisticated, artistic and complex were their lives and their rituals. But also how familiar so much of what they have left us appears.

As I was wandering, I found the entrance to the Costume Institute’s current exhibit, this one focusing on fashion icon Jacqueline de Ribes. You would think that this would be a jarring juxtaposition. But no. This modern woman of famous style and passion for couture seemed to fit right into her Egyptian counterparts. Her likeness to their culture was even cited by one of her admirers.

Jacqueline surely understands the Egyptians and they would have nodded approvingly at her pursuit of beauty.

Ah, the Metropolitan Museum of Art – where worlds collide in the most magical way.

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