When you wish upon a star…

We may be among the few visitors to Disneyland Paris today who have been to Walt’s childhood home in Marceline, Missouri. The power of Mickey and all the Disney characters and stories began under “the dreaming tree” in the middle of a very small town that no one much visits. But when you think about that young boy in a little farm community in the heart of America and then see the entire universe of fellow dreamers that his imaginings have reached, it’s rather stunning.

The town where dreams were born


This Disneyland has many of the iconic rides and adventures of the mothership. We went on the Peter Pan ride, got frightened on the Indiana Jones roller coaster, shot our laser guns where Buzz Lightyear told us to aim, rode little cars, revisited Pinocchio, strolled Main Street USA and saw lots of Disney characters scaring and charming lots of little children.

Walt would have been proud to see his dreams from Marceline come alive in Marne-la-Vallée.


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    1. Didn’t realize that it was a roller coaster till it was too late to turn back! We were just excited that there was no line, so in we went. Worst of all, it had a loop-the-loop. I had my eyes closed and my mouth open screaming the whole time. Great fun.

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