The mouse that roared

There’s something quite bizarre about being 20 miles from Paris and finding yourself in the middle of Disneyland.

It’s a bit of an out-of-body experience, hearing Mickey speak French. Quite well, I hasten to add. (However, Don wants me to mention that Donald Duck was equally incomprehensible in either French or English.) But here we are, and – like half of Europe and England – we are spending the last big weekend of the summer soaking in the magic of Disney. Today was our visit to Disney Studios, and it was just like coming home.

The newest ride for us was the Ratatouille experience, which was great – actually worth waiting for. There were also lots of old favorites around, all extremely popular with the crowds. What a universal (and I use that word with a small ‘u’) connection Disney has with children all over the world. Amazing to watch.

It was a long and lovely end-of-summer day. So glad we could spend it here, where everyone came to be happy.

2 thoughts on “The mouse that roared

  1. What brilliant travellers you are! Chateaux, cathedrals, artworks, monuments, and now the full works at Disneyland. You are untiring and inspiring! You deserve another long lunch.

    1. And this from the man whose passport must be completely worn out! Yes, we are sampling all that France has to offer…including lunches.

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