More time in Beaune

Since we are staying in one of the most important and lovely cities in Burgundy, we devoted our Friday to spending more time right in our own backyard.

I managed to fit in some hair beautification while Don explored the wine museum. However I did get to see the old wine presses housed in a huge ancient barn. Presses like these were used by the Greeks and the ancient Egyptians. The art of French wine-making was terribly hurt by both world wars, and it is only through modern science that so much of what used to be common knowledge passed from son to son has been replicated in modern viticulture.

This is really a lovely town, as lots of other appreciative tourists have discovered. We had a great Indian meal and several lovely evening walks around town. It’s starting to feel like home, but unfortunately it’s time to move on…

3 thoughts on “More time in Beaune

    1. Even if the French would let us in, we think we are more at home in New York, with lots of travelling privileges. Don already has the next two trips planned!

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