Inside a postcard

Imagine being a mile high, watching the paragliders sail in front of ancient glaciers and last year’s snow, and then strolling through a picture-perfect Alpine village.

That was our day in Chamonix.

We started by taking a cable car up to Planpraz, which is 6600 feet above Chamonix. One could go higher in a gondola, up to 8,300 feet, but we were shaky enough after our ascent up the mountain. But watching the air traffic from our level was quite spectacular. This is considered the top paragliding site in the world, and it is wonderful to watch.

We sat at a café and took in this gorgeous place on a gorgeous day.

And then it was time to go back down the mountain and explore Chamonix. Another picture-postcard experience, this time with cheese fondue and a very welcome beer.

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