Following the summer crowd

And we aren’t talking about just any crowd. 

On our way to our evening’s destination, having climbed down the mountain we climbed up on Sunday, we stopped for lunch in the town of Megève.

As we began walking around, we realized we had entered a more rarefied atmosphere than the one we left. Then we learned that Megève was created in the 1920’s as a French alternative to Saint-Moritz by the Rothschilds as the first planned ski resort in the Alps. (Saint-Moritz clearly was no longer cutting it.) Originally it was a prime destination for the French aristocracy, of which there was evidently still some left. It is now one of the most famous and fanciest ski resorts in the world. See how educational this trip is?

It’s a very pretty summer town, too. We decided to go with a regional specialty for lunch and had a nice beef fondue. When in Rome…

And then it was on to the village of Les Bossons, a sleepy little village just five minutes from the center of  Chamonix. The village is situated opposite the stunning Les Bossons Glacier and has breath-taking views of Mont Blanc. And we can look at them both from our terrace. Another unbelievable view, and the chance to sleep right under Mont Blanc.

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