Brigitte stayed home today

Yes, today we visited St. Tropez, which had just about the right amount of tourists. (We understand it is painful to get here or be here in the summer.) It is said that Ms. Bardot does emerge and sign autographs – for a fee – but that seems to happen only on Thursdays, so we missed her. Maybe it’s just as well…

We ended our visit in Cannes last evening with a final stroll along the promenade. What a gorgeous was to end the day. Can’t imagine a better place to have a conference! You can pretend to do business during the day and party all night. It was sad to leave.

But leave we did, and Gwyneth successfully navigated our way to our first French gas station and then on to St. Tropez. White knuckle fever is started to abate. So, here’s the quick recap of what we learned about St Tropez…

This was a charming fishing village until the yacht people discovered it. And even then it probably wasn’t too bad, until the BIG yacht people moved in. Now you start your tour by seeing these vulgar monstrosities, juxtaposed with the charming old town. Our question – as always in these places – is, if you own a yacht and don’t take it out on a day as gorgeous as this one, when exactly do you use it? Just asking. Gawked at them anyway, walked through the town, had a nice lunch, and saw a vintage motorcycle display in the town square.

Then onto to our evening’s home, the resort town of Le Lavandou. Tiny town with a sweet hotel. Our veranda is as large as our room, right on the port, where we had to have a frilly drink. Rough life.

4 thoughts on “Brigitte stayed home today

  1. I really do believe that if Brigitte knew that Don was in town–and that she could have easily communicated with him–she would have emerged tout de suite.

  2. Well, we are not starving, nor have we gotten lost. And they laugh at our jokes, so we are doing as well as we hoped. Fabulous weather and gorgeous flowers!

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