How could it get any better?

Hmmm. Maybe we started this trip backwards, with the dessert course first. Yesterday, we were standing on Central Park West, with the rain and sleet pouring down, our street blocked, rush hour looming, and our car to the airport late. Today just needed to be not sleeting to be better than that!

Not a mere mild improvement, today we are in Nice, looking at the Mediterranean on a gorgeous spring day, and finding  beauty all around us. It’s hard to imagine how it can keep getting better from here. What do you have to do to deserve to live in Nice? Put up with a lot of tourists, I guess.  But just look at how rewarding that would be…

4 thoughts on “How could it get any better?

  1. Thanks for taking me with you. I feel like I am there when I see your lovely pics. Enjoy!

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