The niceness of Nice

Our guidebooks (of which we have many pounds) say that Nice is fine if you like resort towns, but that we will be seeing even better places as we travel. We can’t wait to see how that could be possible, because so far, we are in love with this place. Of course, it’s spring and not summer, shoulder season and not high, and we have just come from a horrible winter. However, mes amis, this is still one gorgeous place, no matter how you look at it.

Colors, sun, shadows, style, attitude, the sea – Nice has it all. I mean, even our hotel elevator’s walls are covered in azure leather…

Today we strolled around, trying to soak in the reality that life can be lived at a slower pace and that getting there is the fun part. This is Holy Week, and everyone is getting ready for Easter and Passover. We ate near the Opera, next to the flower market, with a nod to this city’s Italian influences.

Everywhere we look, there is something to charm us. Because it is so foreign, we really see it in a way you don’t when it is your own familiar scenery. Could this really pale? Glad we won’t be here long enough to get bored!


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