A fashionable Saturday

It’s July in New York, and we are happy being back, particularly in the lazy summertime, when so many New Yorkers are off having their vacations and beach time.  It’s not exactly empty, but the pace is much slower and the crowds are off somewhere other than in our neighborhood.

We started the day, as always, with a newspaper from the faithful Mr. Singh, who has stood at the corner of 86th and Central Park West for over 30 years, even in the most fearsome weather.  Don’t know what we’ll do without him, but we truly value him while he is here. He does have his own unique style.

Then it was off to the Central Park Boathouse, to meet up with our friend Remi. She is most definitely an animal lover, and walks her dog Coco in the park early every morning. (At 9AM, dogs must be put back on leashes, so up to that time the park is filled with gamboling pets, relishing the space and the company.) She walks with a group of other “dog” people, who often end their morning walk at the Central Park Boathouse, where breakfast can be had outside – summer or winter.

We sauntered through the park and met up with the group on this wonderful sunny day.  It was good to see Remi and Coco again, and the stroll afterwards toward their home on the East Side was fun – much slower and more eventful than our normal marches.

Our destination then was the Metropolitan Art Museum, where we had to catch up on culture!  We have been looking forward to seeing the costume exhibit of Charles James, an amazing couturier of the 30s, 40s and 50s.  Our friend Meg, whom we saw on Thursday, met him in connection with her work at Vogue.  While she thinks his creations were stunning, she also thought that no woman would attempt to wear one of his pieces without the help of a lady’s maid.  See for yourself what all the fuss is about:

We also waved to a few old (actually ancient) Met favorites, and then it was off to other adventures of a more domestic sort.


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