Le 14 juillet

Ah, yes, Bastille Day is actually tomorrow, but today it was celebrated in New York with a big party on East 60th Street.  That is the home of the Alliance Française, where Don is hard at work this summer.

We just had to go!  We started at the Fifth Avenue side, paying homage to the Plaza and the nice arty entrance to Central Park.

The event drew quite a crowd, who was loving the food. It was a wonderful festival of many French taste treats, with at least ten vendors claiming to be the most outstanding purveyor of macarons.  Wish we could have sampled them all to be able to judge, but no, we just settled for an apricot tartlette, which disappeared too quickly to photograph.

At any rate, a real New York street fair with a distinctly French flair.  Happy Bastille Day!

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