Where art meets glass

Today we visited Tacoma, the home of Dale Chihuly, creator of some of the most glorious glass you will ever see. This whole area is a glass-making center, and what better way to celebrate that than with a trip to the Museum of Glass.

This is quite an edifice, with a – let’s call it bullet-shaped – cone that houses an actual glass-making factory and theater. In addition to seeing the wonderful existing works, you can see visiting artists create new ones. Sit back and enjoy the views:

We left the building and crossed a road over what is called the Bridge of Glass, a wonderful display of Chihuly works in a wall and a ceiling – to mitigate the ugly noisy freeway underneath that slices right through town.  Sigh.  But the glass is wonderful. There is also a bridge and a dome that seem to be significant, but we haven’t studied that in travel class yet.  Will fill you in later.

On the other side of the freeway is what was once a lovely train station, now a federal courthouse.  It too has Chihuly works in it, which I was allowed to photograph under strict supervision of an armed guard who forbade me to shot any of the other guards or security apparatus, so you don’t get those today.

Next stop, the Tacoma Museum of Art.  Surprise – more glass!!! More Chihuly!!! But lots of other things too to enjoy.

And now we are in a lovely hotel in Seattle directly across the way from the Sea-Tac Airport.  Why are we not with our dear friends Debra and Pete instead, you ask.  Ah, because tomorrow I am going back to New York for all of 27 hours for a major client event on Saturday. Pretty exciting stuff, so expect coverage.  At any rate, no more news from this front until at least Sunday!

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