We slept in a Christmas card

It’s been quiet for a day, because we went to Paradise, and they don’t have WiFi or cell service there.  Guess that’s why they call it Paradise…

To reach Paradise, you go to Mount Rainier National Park, another jewel in our collection.  Paradise is the area near the top of the mountain (aka volcano), where we stayed at the historic Paradise Inn and saw the most lovely blizzard.

First of all here is a sense of the trip up to Paradise and the Visitors’ Center.  It is 22 miles from the entrance of the park up to our destination!

And next to the Visitors’ Center is the Paradise Inn, where we had a wonderful night. As soon as we checked in, it started to snow, and it kept up all night.  Understand that there was already a significant amount of snow on the ground.  And I mean significant. The lodge is just lovely, especially when you are by the fireplace with hot tea.

We got off to a bit of a rocky start and had to change rooms, because it was so cold we could almost see our breath!  (We who come early in the season have to put up with rooms that haven’t been lived in for many months.)  But our newer bigger room (with two double beds that I never had the chance to get a picture of after they moved us) had the most gorgeous view out of all three windows, and the heat had been turned on the day before, which helped immensely.

I kept looking out and thinking that it had to be Christmas Day. So here is our first rustic bedroom, and the fabulous view from our second rustic bedroom.  Almost too beautiful to be real. And how about our salmon dinner on a cedar plank?  That was assuredly real and delicious.

Okay, so what about Mt. Rainier, you astute readers might be asking.  Is that rock with snow on it the actual active volcano which could destroy the Pacific Northwest?  No, my friends.  Here is Mt. Rainier:

Can you make out Don and me coming down the mountain with our snowshoes beating a path to the Inn after a long trek in the blizzard?  No?  Hmmm.  That’s what I get for letting someone else take the picture.

The reality is that they swore to us Mt. Rainier was right there, and my camera just wasn’t strong enough to make it appear through the fog and snow.  It seems that we will have to take their word for it, and just pray we get to see it from Seattle.  Where are you, Mt. Rainier?????

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