Spending time with the Queen

We always said we would do it one day.  Well, Sunday was the day that we went onboard the Queen Mary, thoughtfully dry-docked in nearby Long Beach. It was another gorgeous day in southern California, though if one dared to have a tiny quibble, it was that it seemed just a bit brisk when one stepped out of the sun. But judging from some of our fellow visitors, we might been a bit under-dressed to start with.

But never mind.  We got to explore this gorgeous old ship, and it felt like being in Radio City Music Hall, if that had been converted to an ocean-going vessel which in turn became a hotel and museum.  Same fabulous Art Deco era fittings and finishes.  Just too luxe for words, had you been among the smart set who could afford first class.  The five-day journey at that level would have cost about $16,000 at today’s rates.  No wonder those passengers were coddled to the nines.  Here are some of the first class salons and promenades, plus a replica of the bedroom and sitting room.

Others were not so lucky, with the exception of the captain and chief engineer, who did quite nicely.  Here are also some lower class spaces, and even those were expensive by today’s standards.

Who traveled by the Queen Mary?  Why, just everyone who was anyone, of course -except while it was made into a troop ship during the war.  Some famous faces, and some other details of the ship..

We also visited the Long Beach Museum of Art, which featured a wonderful exhibit by California artist, Sherrie Wolf, “Baroque Sensibilities.”  She is an expert copyist, with a wonderful sense of wit and a lush style.  Love her Vermeers.

The evening was spent with Megan and Jim, as there never seems to be enough time to catch up.  It was wonderful to visit with them, and our memories of this weekend will always be focused on our connection to these two great people.


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