A whiff of LA

Today was all about visiting our old friends, Allon and Mary, who live in LA.  Allon was kind enough to show us the town – mostly parts we would have not seen without his guidance.  We drove around the Arts District, which is a very familiar concept – factories and warehouses being converted into lofts and creative living spaces.  It was a real sign of energy, unlike the contrasting Skid Row, that is jammed with homeless and shopping carts full of hoarded possessions.

As I did the driving under Allon’s guidance, there are no pictures of the Disney Concert Hall, a creation of Frank Gehry, City Hall, where Occupy LA held center stage, Chinatown, or the Staples Center.  But we saw them all, and now have a better overview of this city.

Our day ended in Century City, on the Avenue of the Stars.  While we hardly qualify, it was nice to be cosseted once more.  However, this SoCal luxury has to end soon, or we will be totally spoiled and unfit to ever return to Eunice, Louisiana, where they did not treat us like minor royalty.

We lolled by the pool for several hours, and will now get more serious about our travels.  Don has his nose in the guide books, and tomorrow we will be on our way up the California coast.  It’s time to return to normal and do the laundry!

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