First stop – San Francisco!

Yes, we are definitely starting the second part of our own American adventure.  We left JFK yesterday morning in one of the new American Airlines (who else?) Airbus A321 planes.  Thanks to Don’s point leveraging – his extremely valuable specialty – we flew business class in a wonderful lie-flat private enclosure, with our choice of 20 films and lovely meals.  

Hard to shoot it while you are in it, but we loved the sense of privacy the design and the angle of the seats provided.  Everything about the experience was just spectacular.

Then it was a straight shot on BART to the city, on a gorgeous spring day that was a great antidote to that tough winter we had.  A great view from our hotel…

Our afternoon consisted of a stroll through the crowds of shoppers and a dinner across from our hotel.  (Note the special tax you get charged here!)

Oh, we’ve missed the San Francisco loonies – who are quite distinct from the New York loonies. And who doesn’t love that lefty liberal breeze that flows through the air here?  No flowers in my hair, but the spring flower show is in full force at Macy’s.  Judging from the crowds in the Union Square area, consumerism is the new religion.

Luxury trip not withstanding, it’s exhausting watching three movies all day!  No, we were not travelling with the Donner party. Today should be equally lovely and we promise a bit more activity.

5 thoughts on “First stop – San Francisco!

  1. Worked at the SF downtown Macy’s while in grad school, Sunday was always the day the “crazies” came out. Those were the days…

  2. I am so glad you all are back on the road again. I have truly missed my daily dose of your adventures. Have fun!

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