Spring Fever

Besides the obvious focus on all things blooming – which will be demonstrated by all the flower and garden shows coming up – spring always brings the home-decorating gene front and center.

Saturday we went to the Architectural Digest/New York Times Home Design Show at Pier 94.  While we have limited opportunities these days to take advantage of most of what the exhibitors have to offer, there’s always at least one idea that comes home with us.  And then there’s just pure visual stimulation.

The show starts with a competition held every year by designers who create dining rooms in support of their AIDS foundation.  Pure flights of fancy and fantasy which showcase their creativity.  Diane von Furstenberg took first place, but you can judge the entries for yourself.

And then there are all the flowers, just to remind us that this winter will actually end at some point.  Lovely arrangements…

We spent a bit of time with the kitchen folks, based on the (vain?) hope that we will be able to redo our kitchen this year.  You know you’re getting older when stoves are your eye candy.

But moving right along, the next major part of the show was the one-of-a-kind displays and specialty vendors.  Fun stuff here.

Now a note to faithful readers.  This is my 100th post, and it’s still great fun.  I’ve tried to keep my hand in while we are preparing for the biggie – our trip to the American West.  Tune in as we start our journey on April 5 by flying to San Francisco.  The adventure continues…

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