Christmas in New York

I miss my blog!  So here’s a crack at sharing something we take for granted – our home and our city.  Some of you aren’t close enough to see it for yourselves.  And those of you know our apartment well are probably dying of curiosity to see what it looks like at the holidays.  Aren’t you?

Well, we can satisfy some of those questions.  We have our ways of bringing Christmas into our apartment – though some of the decoration is happening just outside the back door.

First of all, the shelf over the couch.  Those white pots just loved being gussied up for December.  Don’t they wear their glitter well?

And then there is the tree situation.  We’ve struggled with live trees inside, but it’s just too much for the space, though we do have enough ornaments for several large ones.  But we’ve learned to compromise.  There are four trees outside, yearning to come in.  (Some of them are still in the process of learning how they are supposed to stand.) And we have a little Charley Brown fake tree that I adopted years ago at a church holiday sale that showcases some of our most precious ornaments.  Bet you didn’t think we could fit a tree that space, did you?

Oh, and then there are my nutcrackers.  I have absolutely maxed out on how many I could store, but I did weaken and add one guy to the mix this year.  Who on earth could resist Davy Crockett, the nutcracker?  Not me, my friends.  I think he strikes a very jaunty pose next to those snooty European guys.  And, he comes straight from the Alamo.  One more view gives you that inevitable Ho Ho Ho from Don and Jo, right over the dining table.

There is more, but we’ll spare you for now.

So recapturing my tourist spirit, I took a few pictures today as we went from Fifth Avenue to Rockefeller Center, where there was a great holiday event this afternoon.  Do you know about Tuba Christmas?  Well, for forty years, several hundred tuba players give a concert on the skating rink, and Christmas carols fill the tubas and the whole area.  The place is packed, and the crowd goes wild.  Tuba Christmas – go know!  It was great, crowded, New York fun.

Those of you who are constant New York Times readers will appreciate my two shots of that sweet guy who photographs le tout New York, Bill Cunningham.  I caught him behind the tree, so enjoy his back as he is snapping a shot, and his fuzzy front as he ducks when he spots me spotting him.  Have you seen the documentary about him?  (

And then enjoy these fabulous windows at Anthropologie, and the walk down 50th Street toward Radio City.

It’s not Eunice, Louisiana, but it’s not half bad, especially at Christmas….

One thought on “Christmas in New York

  1. Oh how I’ve missed your blog! And oh, how I love seeing my dream home dressed up for Christmas. I always wondered just what it looked like for the holidays, and to see those Nutcrackers brought tears to my eyes–and the gussied-up white pots, too–and the trees outside, with snow even!! It made me laugh when you captured Bill Cunningham . . . I could even hear tubas in your words. Merry Christmas, my dear Jo. xoxoxo

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