First-class all the way

No, I’m not talking about the miles splurge we made to go home in style.  That is going to be wonderful. We are at the Denver airport now and so far, all systems are go.

I am talking about my travel companion, navigator, and trip planner.  It seems only appropriate to spend this Thanksgiving Day post giving full credit to Don, who charted an absolutely incredible American journey, and who made every day exciting.

Every night he thought through the next set of events, planned the hotels of the coming week, kept an eye on the calendar to make sure that we got to all the right places when we needed to be there, and always managed to insert a few surprises for me.

Nothing much on this trip happened by accident, though we did have amazing luck with the weather.  No, it was anticipated long ago, as evidenced by the vast array of travel books that decorated our home, and filled our trunk for the last three months.  Those of you who enjoyed this blog owe thanks for its spectrum of adventures to the planner, not the chronicler.

This was the ultimate achievement in trip planning , for the guy who loves to plan trips, and who has been doing that for us since 1973. And thanks to religiously following the bible according to The Points Guy, we have been able to travel in fabulous style, and often for free. Collect those miles and points, people, and you too can have a “suite” hotel life for nothing or next to nothing.  (There, I’ve shared our secret.)

It’s Thanksgiving, and I guess you can figure out who is at the top of my give-thanks list – that first-class husband, my Don.

3 thoughts on “First-class all the way

  1. Great picture of Don and beautiful accolade for Don. Jo, you are one of a kind. Safe journey home and Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I love it: the planner and the chronicler! How did Columbs do it? Lewis & Clark? Jo & Don.

    Are you really going back to NYC? where the buffalo roam….

    1. It was amazing to be in the middle of nowhere and to learn that DeSoto had found it over 500 years earlier – without GPS.

      Haven’t seen any buffalo yet, but then there’s always that first trip on the subway to look forward to…

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