Just one more museum

Can you take just one more? Or maybe two?

It was a gorgeous day, our last full day of the trip, and our last day in Denver.  The major focus of our day was a visit to the Denver Art Museum, which is rather amazing.  The first part we saw was focused on the West, but done by Americans.  There are works here by NC Wyeth, Bert Geer Phillips, and even Norman Rockwell.

There was a special section of Native American art, and they do have a spectacular collection here. Everything was the best of its kind, and it included current artists.

The contemporary arts part of this museum is so architecturally interesting, it deserves its own mention.  Even though you can get slightly dizzy, the angles are amazing.

One piece was so remarkable, we couldn’t get enough of it and we loved the way it was displayed.  This piece is all done in full scale, and it knocks your socks off.  Enjoy “Fox Games” by Sandy Skoglund, of New York.

But a word about the rest of Denver, at least the part we saw.  Maybe it’s the low winter sun, but everything here looks dramatic and clean.  Could be because it’s mostly new.  We were rather struck, however, by the City and County of Denver building.  It is lovely, but what is with the manger scene in front?  Do they think that is offset by the ‘secular’ manger on the other side?  Or by Santa on the roof and nutcrackers in the niches?  Hmmm.  If this is really the municipal building we took it for, then they seem to be a bit behind on the separation of church and state issue.

But you know us – not judgmental, not at all.  Harummmph.

Okay, so there was one more museum we snuck in, but it hardly will count since no photos were allowed.  But we had to tour the “Unsinkable Molly Brown” house, as this is where that colorful Denverite lived.

It was lovely, and fully restored.  Good old Molly is now idolized by every young girl who is obsessed by the Titanic story – or maybe just by Leonardo in the movie.  At any rate, it was a great taste of old Denver.

It was a lovely day, even though we may appear to be losing a bit of steam.  Yes, we are winding down.  Will report on our trip tomorrow, and in the meanwhile, you Americans enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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