Galveston, oh Galveston

Well, we ran out of Houston.  And we ran south till we ran out of land, which means we are now in Galveston.  Our hotel is right on the beach and while it was an overcast day, the air and water are warm and the sun peeked through occasionally.

We have been very lucky with the weather so far, and the bit of rain today nicely coincided with our driving, so we had great beach and pool time.  The Gulf waters are so warm that the beach is a real joy to walk.  And the very best part?  We are off-season, so we almost have the place to ourselves, which – selfish as it sounds – is just the way we like it.

Our late lunch at Gaido’s, a Galveston fixture, revolved around Gulf shrimp and red snapper, and was a great taste of the sea. Not much else to report today, but just imagine those waves and the sun and the empty beach. Heaven. Tomorrow, we tour.

And get a load of those gas prices!  Hope you are experiencing the same.015

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