A vacation from our vacation

I try to keep all the backstage stuff from you faithful readers, but the reality is that, every once in a while, we need the equivalent of a sick day.  This month, that day came in good old Eunice.

There were a lot of Cajun visitors in town for family reunions and such this weekend – and we saw many of them Saturday night at the Liberty Theatre.  I could probably recite some of the family trees by the time the show started, complete with the names of the double first cousins.  Now some of those folks were staying in our hotel, and they got back – in excellent moods – about 12:30 in the morning.  But it being Saturday night and all, we didn’t complain.  When you are travelling like this, you learn that weekends are very spirited times in the hotel world, and you just don’t expect a quiet night’s sleep.

We got up early anyway and did our morning rituals.  Then we emptied out the entire contents of our trunk and thought very hard about what we had and what we no longer – or never – needed.  That made for a very satisfying series of piles on the bed.

Exhausted by the decision-making process, we had to go back to Ronnie’s Cajun Café for sustenance, and to determine if yesterday’s outstanding culinary experience was a fluke.  When we told the park service ranger who recommended it how fabulous we thought the food was, he told us that restaurants that don’t serve good food cooked the right way just don’t last very long around Eunice.  Guess that explains why Ronnie’s is always packed.

Replete with pork stew and a cheeseburger po’ boy that redefined what a cheeseburger should be, we had the strength to go to our local Walmart and get two boxes to ship our things back to New York.  I cannot tell you how satisfying those nicely packed boxes are, and how wonderful our newly rearranged trunk looks.  Stuff (Don’s) that has been driving me crazy for weeks is now repacked and put where it needs to be.  Bliss.

The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, reading, catching up on the mail that was waiting here for us, and general dithering and puttering.  Sometimes you just need time to do that, right?

At any rate, we also had time to look a little deeper into last night’s amazing performer, 13-year old Bubba Hebert.  Guess we are a little late to the party.  Besides being born Cajun-music royalty, Bubba has already had quite a career.  I have no new photos to share from the day – unless you want me to snap the boxes ready for the post office – but I do encourage you to see the Cajun phenom in action.

Here he is, all of 11:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEpPRaonSC4.  Try to watch to the end when he talks about where he is headed. You will be hearing more about Bubba – particularly if you decide to get into Cajun music.  We ourselves will be watching his career closely.

Tomorrow – Texas!!!!!  I think we are finally ready for it…

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    1. He just took our breath away. He’s all thirteen-year-old boy but with an incredible gift that he’s completely unself-conscious about.

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