Cigarette Money

Yesterday we went to Winston-Salem and toured Reynolda, the home of RJ Reynolds and his family.  This was built in the Bungalow style in 1917, and like the homes of so many of the very rich, had its own tales of tragedy.  No pictures allowed inside, which now also houses an art museum, but I was permitted to photograph the vending machine near the exhibits, which will give heart to all of you struggling artists out there.  Instead of cigarettes, you can now support an artist and get $5 worth of creativity from a machine. 

Wonder if we could fine-tune this concept for an ad agency?  (I think some people believe it already exists…)  At any rate, I can shed no light on who shot Z. Smith Reynolds in the master bedroom during a house party, but I can say it was a lovely home.

And for those clamoring for more food pictures, included here are shots of Thai coconut shrimp soup, clam cakes, grouper, and halibut treats from the 1682 Seafood Grill, along with Don’s fav – fried oyster sliders.  We cannot keep eating like this!!!!

2 thoughts on “Cigarette Money

  1. Fried Oyster Sliders: Cassandra would approve. And since you’ve now been to the home that cigarettes built, are you going to pay a visit to the birthplace of Krispy Kreme? Hmm?

  2. Oh dear. Called out on that one. We heard it wasn’t much – maybe even a parking lot. But really, I was afraid that they would be giving out samples and that we would eat them all….

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