Time for a Pepsi

We stayed in New Bern NC overnight.  Named after Bern, Switzerland, the town has embraced the bear motif borrowed from the Swiss habit of baiting bears in pits.  Some cities have those ubiquitous cows – here it’s bears in many permutations.  But even better than all the bears is the rightful fame New Bern has as the home of Pepsi-Cola. Go know, I say.  We naturally had to have an authentic soda fountain Pepsi while we were at the mother ship.  A worthwhile pilgrimage.

Then it was on to Raleigh, where we spent a lovely afternoon at the North Carolina Museum of Art.  A very beautiful space, with some real treasures, including a collection of Hudson River Art, and a wonderful Wyeth.

Our day ended in Greensboro, where we are staying through the holiday with our dear friend Gail.  Off to dinner at Lucky 13, home to “new Southern” cooking, where we enjoyed catfish and shrimp with andouille sausage.  We have left the land of the crabs and will now be delving deeply into the nuances of Carolina BBQ – an art form unto itself!

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