If it’s Tuesday, this must be Holland

Amsterdam, Holland. Actually, it’s really Wednesday here, because we spent most of Tuesday flying from Nepal to Dubai. Our flight came into Kathmandu late, and then left late, leaving us approximately three minutes to make our connection to Amsterdam. No surprise – that didn’t happen.

Emirates did all they could, but we ended up sitting in a lounge with everyone else trying to get to points all over the world.

Some could make other flights quickly in that enormous airport, and then 25 of us or so presented more difficulties. The desk staff said they wanted to feed us and took a headcount for veg or non-veg meals. What a surprise to see McDonald’s bags show up!

That chicken Big Mac was pretty tasty. Guess we Americans have made our mark -the Emirates staff was treating themselves to the same meals.

We assumed we would be put up in a hotel for a night and and then on to our destination, with an extra two hours thrown into the already hour-and-45 minutes time difference. But no. There was a KLM flight leaving at 12:40 AM, and we were booked on it. Our only view of Dubai consisted of a distant view of its iconic skyline.

We killed six hours in one of the lounges, and everything worked the way it should. We were a little unused to the concept of an orderly boarding system, rather than having everyone rush the plane in a charging herd, but KLM was easy to get used to fast. Lovely – but long – trip. We arrived seven hours later, at what was now 5:45 in the morning.

There was only one problem. Our primary suitcase didn’t make it.

Having filed the usual papers, we got to our hotel at 7:30 this morning and crashed. No clothes, no coats, no toiletries.

I made a foraging trip to the train station’s mall while Don recovered from a slight mal himself. Guess he is unaccustomed to that Western food we had on the plane. At any rate, I was able to snag two heavy hoodies which will clearly label us as tourists, with the current “I amsterdam” statement boldly printed across it. Clever, eh? Do not expect photos.

We may have the collective strength to venture out in our hoodies and either have dinner or commit crimes tonight. At least we’ll be a bit warmer.



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