Squeezing in a family reunion

Sometimes serendipity is quite amazing. 

What are the odds that our last full day in London would also be the very day our niece Christina arrived here from Ohio (via Chicago, on the ubiquitous Norwegian Air)? Amazing luck we are having so far.

Christina, her boyfriend Sean and two buddies landed at 6AM this morning, and we met them all for lunch at the Lamb and Flag, a pub in Covent Garden which was once a haunt of Charles Dickens, it is said. The pub is also known as the “Bucket of Blood,” since rather violent prize fights had been staged upstairs in previous centuries, right where we had our lunch. We wanted to give them an authentic pub experience with a bit of history thrown in.

The food was good, and the Guinness satisfied the three Irish guys. We did our level best to keep everyone awake as we talked London logistics and possible experiences, while they waited for their Airbnb to open up.

Fresh air helped do the trick, so here is a bit of the tour we took them on for those who need their London Fix – you know who you are.

Tomorrow we are off to our major destination, which will involve so much travel that we will be out of touch until Wednesday. If all goes well, we will be in a totally different world when we next surface!

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