Watch this space

Don and I have arrived in London, where we are spending a few days eating fish and chips, getting together with friends, and even having an unexpected visit with a niece who just happens to be here too. There should be a few things to comment on the coming days.

But this is merely the lull before the official start of our trip, as we are soon setting off on a journey that is a real departure from our normal geographical haunts.

For those who read the New York Times, there is now a special feature where they send a solo writer around the world for a year to visit 52 spots deemed worthy of interest.

We won’t be traveling for a year, but over the next five months we will see many, many sights, with the following logistics:

♦ 14 flights

♦  6 countries

♦ 10 long-distance train rides

♦  9 long-distance car trips with a driver

♦   …and 38 hotels

We are packed as lightly as we could manage, but there is still a lot to carry, for several seasons and many weeks. Don has spent months in the planning of this very complex trip, so cross your fingers that his best-laid plans may generally come to reality.

Stay tuned!


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